Double Vision

For the past few days the eye sight in my right eye has slowly been getting worse.  Things were a lot more blurry than they should’ve been.  I wear contact lenses a lot of the time and the over the weekend I just thought the lens was a bit dirty for some reason.  I tried a new lens on Monday but it was still the same.

“I’m going blind” thinks I.

“But before I’m sure of my impending darkness, I’ll give them a proper clean later, then I’ll phone the opticians in the morning if it’s still the same.”

I’ve just popped my lenses out and what else should come out of my right eye?  Another lens.  No wonder I couldn’t see –  I was getting two for the price of one.  Where the fuck has that been living?  More importantly how long has it been in there?!

I wonder if I can turn into that guy who squirts milk from his eyes.

At least I didn’t think there was a lens in there which I couldn’t get out.  I did this at Glastonbury a few years ago.  In the dark, at about 3am, I proceeded to try and pick and grasp the lens out for a good 15 minutes – when I was in absolutely no fit state to – I obviously failed miserably.  I then realised/remembered I’d taken them out earlier on.   Oops.  I had just been picking my eye ball for 15 minutes solid.  ewwww!

No wonder I’m going blind.

Tomorrow = proper vision again.  Whoo Hooo!


9 thoughts on “Double Vision

  1. I’m glad you got that sorted out.
    I thought this one was going to be about Foreigner’s album “Double Vision”. (I’ll keep looking)

    Squirting milk out of the nose is a bit more classier than squirting it out of the eye.

  2. Darfuria – It’s not so bad after the first couple of days. But it is a pain in the arse to look after them etc.

    Planetross – Foreigner? You’re showing your age now!

    I wonder if it’s possible to squirt it out of ears, that’d be ace.

  3. It’s sad but true.
    I was definitely 50/50 on who would be bigger “The Romantics” or “U2” at one time in my life. I guess I should have the tattoo removed one of these days. hee hee!

  4. You. Are. Pathetic. (lol) A mate of mine did that as well. That’s what you get for being too vain to wear eye glasses like the rest of us!

    • Dennis – It’s not something I want to happen again! But in a strange way I like to think I’ve now put my eyeballs through S.A.S type training, they are ready for anything….anything! rraaaahhhhh

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