Rubbish body clocks

I’m glad I wasn’t the only person with sleeping problems last night.

Today was our first day back in work after two weeks and almost everyone else I work with said they had trouble sleeping as well. One woman said she didn’t get to sleep until gone 4am, but took solice in the fact that she knew I’d still be awake too – she was correct – the last time I looked at clock it was 4.30am.

Why do we have trouble sleeping before we’re due to go back to work/school though, it’s always confused me. I bet half the country was still awake at about 3am last night.

Lack of routine and our body clocks adjusting or is it the apprehension and fear of returning to work? I used to be the same when I was young, the day before I was due back at school after any holidays I’d be wide awake at some ungodly hour and it’s continued to this day.

Unfortunately I can no longer cry and wail for ages until my parents cave in and let me stay off (although if i recall correctly, this only ever worked once).

Not long until Easter….


6 thoughts on “Rubbish body clocks

  1. I know exactly what you mean, I always feel like that when going back to work after some time off. I got to sleep OK but woke up at about five. When it came to getting up for work it was a real battle as it was still dark out! Spent most of yesterday feeling tired and wishing I could go home and play in the snow.

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