Last night I wore: A blue checked shirt, a navy blue jumper, a pair of blue jeans and a pair of black shoes.  (I know what you’re thinking, “My god, he’s a fashion icon”).

Everything was going swimmingly until my brother walked into the bar wearing: A blue checked shirt, a navy blue jumper, a pair blue of jeans and a pair of black shoes.  The only difference was that my jumper was v-necked.  

It wouldn’t be too bad if he was a lot older or younger than me, but he’s not, he’s my twin.  I’m an identical twin.  I’m sure you can picture the scene of two 29 year old twins, of similar size and shape, dressed identically (yes, it was that ridiculous)!

The last time we dressed the same was when we were about 10.  My mother used to dress us in all kinds of monstrosities which, when looking back at old photos, it would’ve been less shameful walking around with just a leaf covering my genitalia.

We normally get a few ‘double take’ looks anyway, but there were a lot more last night! 

Next time we’re out together I’m making sure I check what he’s wearing before I step out the front door.


14 thoughts on “Identical

  1. Cor, that is brilliant! Pick up any identical twin ladies? The checked shirts and jumpers probably put them off a bit. I can’t believe both of you would put together identical outfits. You know, that’s why Hitler did experiments on identical twins; to find out why they dressed alike. lol

  2. I always think I’d like a twin. But then every identical twin set I know has one twin who is better looking than the other. So I’d only like to be a twin if I could be the good looking one.

  3. S. Le – I wish i could say “all the time, I have them knocking down my door!” Unfortunately not though, I don’t know any twin ladies. But I know 2 sets of other male twins. BOOOO!

    Jo – You’d have to prepare yourself for the constant ‘humour’ of people saying stuff like “if I punch you, will it hurt your brother”, “do you have some twin telepathy connection thing” etc etc. If I was given a pound coin every time I’d been asked them two…

    I know what you mean with the looks thing. There is differences even though we’re identical. Thankfully I’m often referred to as the fit/cute one 😀

    *smooths eyebrows*

  4. When I was a kid I always wanted a twin sister. Mainly cos I thought it would be soooo much better than a younger one, which is what I was stuck with 😉

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