It’s all over

It must be one of the most uneventful Christmas’s ever for me.  Usually all kinds of debauchery goes on, but this year…not a sausage.

My Christmas ‘haul’ comprised of a bottle of Jack Daniels (successfully drank last night), a pair of cuff links and a voucher for Zavvi (which I can no longer use because they have gone into Administration)!  And that was it.  Talk about the short straw.

01012009321Seemed a little unfair considering the money I spend on nephews and nieces and, with being single, I have no one to share that cost with.  I’m not bitter, honest.  After all, Christmas is all about giving isn’t it?  Next year I’m expecting a pair of slippers and a pipe.  I know, I’m an ungrateful bastard! 

Although playing on the kids Rock Band set up on Christmas night seen me become a guitar and drum legend in my brothers living room.  It is ace!

For New Year I went to see The Coral.  I didn’t know they were playing until the last minute and tickets were available on the door.  So it was that, or spend a night walking around bars paying a fiver in each one which are normally free every other night of the year.  The Coral were quite good, but they did seem to zoom through the set to start their own New Year celebrations.

Only 3 more days to go until we’re all back to normality.  Oh the joy.


PS: Did anyone see the fireworks from Sydney? I managed to catch some of it on Sky News, they were tremendous! 


6 thoughts on “It’s all over

  1. Is “Administration” like bankruptcy? I remember the big rush to use Circuit City gift cards when they were teetering on the edge of bankruptcy. (They’ve since fallen off said edge, of course.)

  2. Yeh it is Dennis. They allowed people to buy the vouchers right up to Christmas Eve. Then, on Boxing Day, when people went to try and use them, they got told they were not being accepted. Fantastic planning!

    We have to write to the Administrators to get a refund.

  3. This Zavvi place sounds a little underhanded. I’d hate to be the salesperson explaining that one to irate customers.

    Sorry for your lack of presents. There is always your birthday.
    I didn’t get a pipe, but I got 2 pairs of slippers this year!!
    A 7 year old student gave me a 6 pack of Yebisu beer! Who says kids today are out of touch? I hope your nieces and nephews all coughed up for the Jack Daniels!

  4. Zavvi is a national store too. I’ll be surprised if they are still going by the end of February.

    2 pairs of slippers? I’m jelly-ous, I need a new pair too! I get even less at birthdays to be honest. I’m getting old, I just need to get used to it!

    If you’re getting a 6 pack of Yebisu beer now, imagine how much you’ll get in a few years. My nephews and nieces need more training!

    • Hi Darfuria. Thanks, someone told me they had a sale but I wasn’t sure so I’ll be having a look this week. But vouchers can’t be redeemed in-store. If you have one you can get them refunded by writing to the administrators. Bit of a ball ache!

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