Two Days, that’s all…two days

Has someone announced that the Armageddon is upon us?  Or have Russia finally decided to bring the Cold War back? 

I went food and alcohol shopping today (mainly for alcohol), and it was mayhem.  I realise people want a rest over the Christmas break but, fucking hell, the shops are only shut for two days.  Not two months or two years.  Two days people.  Two days.  There will still be baked beans left in the world on Saturday.

I hate shopping at the best of times, but it was like being on the Dodgems trying to get my trolley down the isle.

I’m glad I spotted pigs in blankets though. 

mmmmmmmmm pigs in blankets mmmmmmmmm


7 thoughts on “Two Days, that’s all…two days

  1. Shopping is fine over on this side of the pond: however people are eating from the pond!
    Merry Christmas and Seasons Beatings for you and yours! 🙂

    note: sorry I watched too much wrestling/rastling when I was in my 20’s.

  2. Too true. This is the third Christmas I’ve worked at Waitrose and it amazes me everytime when people queue up for half an hour before the doors open at Christmas. It’s not like we’re going to run out of food! And the average spend goes up from about £50 a customer to about £150; which is just crazy!

    Hope you had a good Christmas regardless of all the madness!


  3. Queuing for pigs in blankets could be totally worth it, yeah? After your shopping experience, you must have purchased loads of alcohol!

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