Mr John

Well I decided to go and see Elton John last week after all.  Whatever way you look at it, he’s a legend, so whilst he was on my doorstep and with having a free ticket I think I would’ve been foolish not to go. 

When I told people I was going they all gave the same reaction.  Which went along the lines of this:

“haha you ponce!……actually, he’ll be ace, I’d go and see him”

milkSo my poncey legs took me along.  The seats were up in the gods, but close to the stage, they were still £100 tickets though and for free I can’t really complain.  One thing that struck me as soon as he walked on stage was how dwarf like he was.  His little waddle reminded me of the carton of milk from that Blur video.

All in all he was rather good though.  He didn’t sing Circle of Life which I was disappointed in!  I didn’t realise I knew  half the songs though, I was belting the words out like a bad karaoke singer for most of them!


8 thoughts on “Mr John

  1. Sounds like a good cheap night out – I can imagine that I would subconsciously know a lot of his songs which is a scary thought!

  2. Elton John has nothing to do with a feminine side. If he had a cracking pair of tits, an arse like Kelly Brook and the looks of a glamour model, then I’d say he had a feminine side. Taking a mans cock up the one way street that is his arse and being a podgy wee wank does not endear him to me, nor would I consider it a feminine side.

    All joking aside, his music is shite, in my humble opinion.

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