Just been reading the local rag online and there was a competition to win two tickets to see Elton John next week. I neither like nor dislike Elton John and just thought I’d give it a pop.

Ten minutes later I got an email telling me I’ve won. I’ve never won a thing in my life! Although I’m not sure winning Elton John tickets is a ‘win’ either.

Now, is he worth going to see? He’s another one to add to my gig going list and I’d never pay to go and see him otherwise.

Or, do I palm my tickets off as early Christmas presents to some unsuspecting family member?

Decisions decisions…


6 thoughts on “Winner

  1. I understand your dilemma. I sort of like Elton John but I’m not sure I’d want to go to a concert of JUST Elton. Not the same as going to Kings of Leon then is it? It’s always exciting to win stuff. Good luck deciding what to do. And congrats on winning.

  2. Yeah, I only tend to win stuff like that when it’s something I don’t particularly want. Elton is kind of awesome though – you should go. On the other hand, if you give them as a gift and don’t tell the recipient you won them, you will look pretty awesome yourself.

    You need to pick the right person though. Anyone in your family who you suspect may be closeted?

    • S Le – thanks for the congrats, shame it wasn’t Kings of Leon tickets I know!

      Jaggy – It’s not sold out, so they aren’t selling very well on ebay. I haven’t got the tickets yet, so I’m not sure I can be arsed with ebay either (sorting out delivery etc this close to the concert). I’ll check ebay again once I have them though.

      Digressica – No closet fans I don’t think – although if i gave anyone a pair of tickets, like me, they’d go just because they can. It’s gotta be better than a generic smelly set from Boots or a gift voucher!

      I might just go. I’d never pay to go and see him otherwise and he’s someone else to tick off the list of people I’ve seen. He is a leg end after all.

  3. I’d go see Elton John just for nostalgic purposes. He did put out a lot of good stuff in the 70’s and early 80’s. At least he hasn’t gone all Rod Stewartish in his dotage.

  4. My sister and brother-in-law went to see Elton in Vegas and they said it was awesome (but they are going to see Tina Turner next year so their taste in music isn’t great!). Personally I’m not sure if I would go but they are free tickets so it might be worth it just for the experience. If you do go do you think they will sell those star-shaped glasses that Elton used to wear in the 70s (or was that from a piss take show – heck, I can’t remember but that’s all I can think of when I think about Elton John). Good luck with your decision.

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