Google Breathalyser

I broke up with an ex girlfriend about a year ago, but we had remained in sporadic contact ever since. One weekend I didn’t reply to a couple of her late night drunken text messages – yes, them types of text messages – and I received a long ‘you’re a loser/bastard/twat’ type text the next day for not replying. She wasn’t bothered if there were reasons why I didn’t reply (my phone was actually off for 3 days and so I didn’t receive them until the Monday/Tuesday) but she didn’t want an excuse off me and so I didn’t offer one. I just deleted the texts and deleted her number. I haven’t heard off her since and that was probably the best way to leave it.

Let’s zoom forward about 4 months; to Saturday afternoon when, in my fragile state, I decided I needed some female attention – yes I know I’m a slag – but thankfully I didn’t have her number on my phone. Checking my GMail contacts I’d deleted all traces of her number so I escaped that close call. What I hadn’t deleted was her email address. So I fired an email off to her.

Why? Why? Why?!

It was a rather paltry and short ‘how are you’ type effort (actually, it can’t even be classed as an effort). Even my own brain was screaming NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO at me, but I still clicked send. I’m yet to recieve a reply and I am quite relieved she hasn’t replied. It saved me having to think of awkward replies.

I know Gmail know uses google goggles to stop you sending these type of emails late at night, but it was still early evening when I used all of my ‘still drunk and fragile’ wisdom to send this one. The next Google Labs add-on should be a breathalyser test which will stop you sending rather pathetic emails at 7pm on a Saturday night.

Not only does sending emails to ex’s on a Saturday night scream out that I have no life, sat at a PC on a Saturday night. It also ensures there is now one female (probably more) walking round telling everyone how much of a pathetic loser I am.

I’m blaming GMail.


5 thoughts on “Google Breathalyser

  1. I feel your pain. Seriously. I’m embroiled in a similar situation at the moment. It’s like you know it’s a bad idea but you do it anyway. And then it’s tooo latee!!!!


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