Top Gigs Attended

I tried to work out recently how many concerts I’ve been to.  I counted about 50 without including festivals and without straining my brain too much, so I’m sure there’s more.  I doubt I’d beat BlackLOG in a ‘gig-off’ and I certainly wouldn’t beat this fella (BBC News site link) who has been to over 5000 – apparently.  But it inspired me to think which ones I’ve attended and thought were good: 

Oasis – Knebworth ’94

I doubt any band/gig will be able to shift this from my number one spot.  Oasis were the first band I ever got into properly and it was my first ever gig with 125,000 people.  We were quite near the front considering and after waiting about 8 hours for them to come on (with support from The Bootleg Beatles, Manic Street Preachers, The Chemical Brothers and then The Prodigy), I just thought Oasis were amazing that day.  This was just after Morning Glory had been released so they didn’t really have any shit stuff.  

My neck also got burned to smithereens – which wasn’t helped when it was hit with a packet of biscuits just before they started.  The sting hurt that much I still remember it.  I’ve never looked at a custard cream in the same way since. 

Paul ‘thumbs up, cool’ McCartney (x3)

As much as I think he’s a bit of a prick nowadays,  I reckon most of us would go a bit mental if we had half the world bowing at our feet like he does.  Not much to add on that really, he’s still a Beatle and he wrote some good tunes.

Prodigy – Knebworth ’94

Supporting Oasis.  Almost, almost as good as, if not better than Oasis.  Oasis sneaked it because I was proper into them at the time.  I didn’t really know much about the Prodigy then.  Looking across and behind me to see a sea of people jumping to Breathe was amazing.

I still maintain I had (and won) a stare out competition with Keith Flint (the one with the mad spiky haircut) who was standing on a barrier, looking dead hard and cool about 10 yards in front of me. 

U2 – Manchester ’05

As with McCartney, Bono is a bit of a prick, but it’s still U2.  Massive video screens the full length of the stage, good songs, good show.

Arctic Monkeys (NME Tour 2006)

They were just on the verge of going massive, I think it was just after their first or second single had gone to number 1.  But here they were in a university hall in front of 500 or so people.  The first two songs they played were their singles and I’m yet to see anyone else manage to make the whole place pogo like they did through the whole set.  Even if you didn’t want to jump up and down you had to.  Thankfully they let us all have a breather for 30 seconds before they started the next one and so it continued for the next 40 minutes. 

Roger Waters – Liverpool ’08

I’ve been into Pink Floyd for years and shockingly I’ve never smoked weed! Apart from his little political rants he still done all the Floyd stuff you’d want to hear and expect.  He is Pink Floyd and he was fantastic.


Honourable other mentions go to: Fatboy Slim, Kings Of Leon (x3), Ocean Colour Scene, The La’s, James Brown, Arcade Fire, The Polyphonic Spree, Moby and other Oasis and Arctic Monkeys gigs I’ve been to.  Also half the acts that have appeared at Glastonbury in the past 5 years who I have no doubt enjoyed immensely but forgotten due to volumes of drink and drug intake. 

Wow, this post is that shit I could work for NME.

So dear reader, what are your most favourite gigs?   No explanation needed, list ’em and make me jellyous [sic]….


11 thoughts on “Top Gigs Attended

  1. Good selection you got there. Particularly jealous about the Oasis Knebworth gig, I remember that happening and me aged 12 or something absolutely dying to go, but of course the parents weren’t having any of it!
    My faves are…

    1. Michael Jackson (HIStory tour, Wembley Arena in 1997) – got into the VIP bit at the front about half hour from the end. Amazing.

    2. Eminem with Cypress Hill et al supporting in 2003 at Milton keynes bowl, aagin managed to get up front.

    3. Chili Peppers in Hyde Park in 2004…bloody horrible day, damp atmosphere but they were good. James Brown supporting, not amazing.

    4. The Prodigy at Sziget festival in Budapest – oh my god that was incredible…

    5. I hate to say it but…I went to see Robbie Williams at Knebworth a few years back, and even though I wasn’t his greatest fan, he was really bloody good.

    6. John Mayer at the Royal Albert Hall last year.

  2. 1. Blur at the Kilburn Ball Room (cannot remember when but it was a long time ago) just after the release of their first album. I still love Damon Albarn now because of that gig. I remember lots of jumping up and down too.

    2. Conor Oberst at the Camden Electric Ballroom (2008) – most people in the UK don’t know his music but I’m a big fan and again, the small venue makes all the difference.

    3. Prodigy at V Festival (2008) – they were fanstastic and I’m going to go and see them again next year! Yay!

    4. INXS at Wembley Stadium (before Michael H died!) – it was a great time with lots of Mexican waves.

    I won’t mention all the boy bands that I saw when I was a confused teenager but I think Five Star are worth a mention. Only people over the age of 35 will remember them but they came from Romford and could dance. I think I saw them twice as a spotty teenager – ahh, the good old days of crap music!

  3. Jo – good gigs, I’m jealous about the Michael Jackson one. I’d love to go and see him. Doubt it’ll happen now though!

    I’ve seen clips of that Sziget one in the past, it did look amazing.

    Michelle – I keep meaning to download some of Conor Oberst stuff cos you keep mentioning him. I’ll get downloading tonight! I can imagine INXS would’ve been fantastic. Not sure about Five Star though hehe

    You’ll both be pleased to know I’m going to see Prodigy again on Sunday. I think you’re going next year as well aren’t you Jo (I read one of your posts about tickets)? The venue is only small so I think it’s part of warm up gigs for the arena tour next year. I’m expecting great things and I’m already bursting with excitment!

  4. Although I’m not a big concert goer, the most memorable ones would be, in no specific order:

    The Boomtown Rats in ’79 or ’80. (Victoria, Canada)

    KISS on a reunion tour with the original line up in ’97 (Auckland, N.Z.)

    Bryan Adams sometime in the mid ’80s (Vancouver, Canada)

    UB40 in ’07 (somewhere in a beachy area south of B.A. Argentina) It was free too! go figure.

    The Ramones, Debbie Harry, Tom Tom Club, and Jerry Harrison in ’89 or ’90. (Victoria, Canada). There were only about 500 people there! unbelievable!!! I wore the “Escape from New York Tour” shirt until it rotted!

  5. planetross – you get around the world if not to concerts! I don’t really like Bryan Adams (apart from 1 or 2 songs) but I’d like to go and see him.

    S.Le – I was spoilt a little bit. I somehow managed to see him 3 times in about 6 months. Them concerts came along like the buses. Nothing for years, then up he popped, so I took advantage ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. CS – I am a bit older then you, so you will have time to catch up. I only have ColdPlay (they had better be good on the 16th otherwise Mrs B is not going to be a happy bunny seeing them twice) and Star sailor booked up for next year, Oh and V2009…

    Sounds like I was at the same Oasis gig – One day I will publish my full list of gigs and what I recall from them. Does that make me as sad as Ray……

    • I’ve got another 3 this weekend. I’ll be storming ahead soon! I remembered you saying you were at that Oasis one, the difference being that I loved it ๐Ÿ˜‰

      I’m probably forgetting some unbelievably good gig I attended as well. I’d be there forever if I listed every single one, maybe I’ll leave that post for a rainy day!

      You’ll only be as sad as Ray, if you remembered the price of drinks/car parking/programme/tickets etc!

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