Going Out (or not)

I’m currently failing in trying to tempt mates to go out later tonight.  The most popular excuse with one set of mates seems to be Christmas, what a shit excuse.  Its no good for me: an unattached male, with no kids, pets or mortgage to pay.

With my other set of mates, my housemate is having some people round to ours tonight.  However considering they all smoke and do gear, the idea of sitting in a smoke filled room with everyones eyes following the mirror around the room is not my idea of a good night.  Not to mention the constant talking of shite.  I don’t mind if they actually go out, you know to mingle with other people.

In my head, the normal thing would be to go to the pub first, have a few pints and then head back to ours later on and do whatever.  But nooooooooo that’s too much trouble….because they can’t smoke or do gear, so they prefer to sit in nowadays, especially since the smoking ban.  I think going out to someones house, unless it’s a big party, defeats the whole object of ‘going out’ to some extent.  My idea of going out is going out around town – not sitting on someones couch staring at the same four walls and a mirror.

So, 9 times out of 10 I’ll opt out of the smoke filled room, and in doing so, probably come across as an unsociable freak.  Which is when I try and persuade the married brigade to unlock their ball and chain and venture out.  As I’m finding today (yet again), my persuasion skills fail spectacularly.  It’s too early to say bar humbug to people isn’t it?  Boooooo!  I’ve been saying this to myself for ages, but I need new mates!


7 thoughts on “Going Out (or not)

  1. This song and dance sounds familiar. You need new mates.
    Someone must be going to the pub! “Married with children” and “Anti-social Gearheads” suck the life out of a good night on the town!!
    I concur: Booooo!

  2. You definitely need new friends. Or at least married ones who, though they can’t go out, bring the party home. I think the people I know who drink the most, laugh hysterically all night and never seem to need to sleep are my married friends let loose on a bottle of wine or two once the sprogs are asleep.

  3. They aren’t stoners, they just smoke like chimneys. I don’t smoke and don’t like it so I try to avoid their little gatherings!

    Thankfully I was saved by my brother who decided to come out with his girlfriend at the last minute. Better than nothing!

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