Phone PIN Numbers are evil

A few weeks ago, in the dark depths of boredom, I was messing around with my phone and decided to put a PIN lock code on it.  Why did I need to put one on?  I don’t know, it was just something to do.

Amazingly, within the space of 10 minutes, I’d forgotten which PIN number I’d used and locked myself out of my own phone. 

I had to wait until I got into work the next day before I could phone Orange and get it unlocked. 

Rather cleverly when it was unlocked, I put a new unforgettable PIN code on  it.  I subsequently eased myself through three thorough ‘PIN unlocking tests’ which I devised myself:

  • Turn phone off
  • Turn phone on
  • Enter PIN
  • Repeat

This was to ensure that not only was the number etched into my brain in big massive, size 72 bold font, numbers.  But it would also be a living, breathing part of my subconscious.  The sight of my bank card triggers my 4 digit PIN number to come screaming at me from the back of my head.  The sight of my phone was now also screaming my new phone PIN number every time I looked at it.  This memory malarkey stuff was easy.  

It was a more cunning (and fool proof) plan than Baldrick ever devised.


However, that was 3 weeks ago and I’ve not had a need to switch my phone off since. 

It wasn’t my bank card PIN number, it wasn’t my date of birth and it wasn’t old faithful ‘1,2,3,4’ so I’ve just locked myself out of my phone again.  Sigh…


14 thoughts on “Phone PIN Numbers are evil

  1. Bugger, is all I can say. That might be one of the reasons why I don’t have a pin number on my phone otherwise I would forget it too. I have enough problems remembering all the different usernames and passwords that I have for all the work/home websites that I use.

    Nice to see Baldrick mentioned on a Friday morning – one of the best TV shows ever made!

  2. You can avoid all this by ignoring the advice given out by all banks, security firms and police…and have the same password for absolutely everything you do.

    Safety first!

  3. God, I hate pin numbers, and passwords for websites. I can never remember them and spend hours being locked out of my own life. Like the blog by the way (and so sympathise with the shopping for clothes thing – I’m of the same school of shopping avoidance)

  4. The thing that annoys me most is that there always seem to be pre-programmed PIN numbers on my phones and I can never find it written in the manuals telling me what they are… But at least it means I don’t lock myself out!

  5. Brilliant feat, mate! How’d you manage?

    One of Baldrick’s cunning plans would be much too complex to remember. That was a fantastic show.

  6. Michelle, yep my phone is now unlocked and staying PIN free from now on (until I get bored again obviously!).

    Jo – I’m the same, I think I use 2 different passwords for everything. Hackers can break into banks but not my gmail account!

    Welsh Girl – You’re new, hello there *waves*. Thanks for the comments about ‘ye old blog 🙂 I can’t believe females don’t like shopping though?!

    Rosie – It takes a special (needs) person to lock themselves out of their own phone. I’m special!

    S.Le – I reckon Baldrick might have even remembered a 4 digit number!

  7. Brilliant I am relieved that I am not the only idiot out there….This is possibly worse then me managing to miss the Roddy Frame gig, especially when you managed to forget the number not once but twice, while I only missed the gig once.

    Cunning type suggestion :- Now that your phone is safely secured you could set up a note within your phone containg your PIN number….This plan is as cunning as a fox who’s just been appointed Professor of Cunning at Oxford University – So if you forget the pin you can go into your phone and retrieve it…….

    Silence – except for a bit of wind and a tumble weed rolling past….

    I’ll get my coat…..

  8. I hate to remember passwords! This is what I’ve done: I have a laptop and a desktop – whenever I sign up to a site or anything, I use my desktop and press the ‘Remember’ button on Firefox that slides down from the top of the browser. This way I don’t have to remember it again nest time, it auto completes the form for me.

    Now, on the laptop, I don’t use it for any of my online ‘private’ activities in case it gets missing or stolen, so no one would use any saved data on it 🙂

    Don’t sometimes hate technologies?

  9. Jaggy – phone is staying pin free from now on. I think Orange will end up labeling me a spastic if I phone them up again requesting my phone to be unlocked.

    planetross – Thanks. I’ve been reading your site for a while…it’s different, but in a good way 🙂

  10. Me being an idiot aswell, messing around with my phone, locked myself out of it. Can anyone give me any advice on how to sort it out???

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