Money, weekend, shopping and gimps

On Friday, I got my first wage which included my bumper pay rise.  I’d already worked out how much money I would get anyway, but it’s still nice to actually see the numbers in my bank account.

Unfortunately for me, I spent Friday sat in because no one wanted to go out.  For the first time in years I had money waiting to be spent and I couldn’t spend it!  As I’ve mentioned previously, all my mates went took the grown-up route a few years ago – getting themselves mortgages, wife’s and babies.  I won’t be able to turn myself into an alcoholic quite as quick as I’d hoped.  G’ah.  I did venture out last night though with some family – not quite as exciting as I’d hoped for on my payday weekend, but better than nothing!

I bought myself some new clothes for the first time in forever as well.  I hate shopping with a passion – especially when I have to try things on.  I will literally wait until I have to shop before I will.  Even if it’s shopping for food, I’ll put off going the supermarket until all available food as been eaten or perished.  I make clothes shopping ten times more difficult than it is too.  Anytime I go into a changing room I come out all flustered, red cheeked and with little beads of sweat starting on my fod.  I’m sure the shop assistants must think either I’m trying to escape from a straight jacket or I’ve just cracked one off in the changing room.  In reality I’m only trying on my 3rd pair of jeans that don’t fit.  Why don’t different brands have the same sizing rules.  One pair is too big, the next is too long, the next makes me look like a gangster rapper – yet they were all (technically) the same size. 

Buying trainers was easy though: found the shop, found the pair I wanted, tried them on, paid and left the shop…all within about 5 minutes.  it went downhill from there with the jeans.

I did end up buying a pair of jeans but got home and decided I don’t like them.  I’m just a gimp when it comes to shopping. 


4 thoughts on “Money, weekend, shopping and gimps

  1. But surely you were shopping in the new new pretty shiney new shops? How could you not enjoy that?

    …then again, you went shopping at the weekend – 6weeks before christmas! No wonder it was hell!

  2. I did go to the new sparkly shops for the first time (quite good even if I say so myself). However I doubt I’ll ever enjoy shopping – new shiney shops or not. Unless it’s shopping for gadgets, tv’s or any other electrical items that men enjoy purchasing!

  3. Jeans are the hardest to buy! I hate looking for those and also hate trying things on. Trainers are always the easiest for me as well. Shopping is more art than science.

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