A breakup

I’ve been thinking about the breakup for a while. 

Things hadn’t been going quite as well as I’d hoped lately.  However, it all started rosy, it always starts well does doesn’t it?  If I remember rightly you were introduced to me, at Christmas time a few years ago, by my auntie.  It’s that little time when it’s all new and everything’s fantastic, no complaints either way.  You enjoy the time together and everything just works.  I was amazed I hadn’t found you before I did.  

The past few years have been great but just lately I started resenting you and finding your faults.  I didn’t like spending time with you.  You became a chore and started annoying me by leaving things laying around which I didn’t like.  I thought I could make it work out if I treated you to a new hair do.  But, before I could do that, I’d gone out and found a replacement and things just weren’t the same again.  I did try and give you a second chance, your new hair do was good, but it just wasn’t the same.  The old spark had gone.

I preferred the replacement and so this time, it’s over.

It is with great sadness that I have to inform you that The Oral-B® Professional Care® 7000 toothbrush and I have broken up.

I’m going back to a manual toothbrush (incidentally, it’s another Oral-B).  Your high speed 3D pulsing action isn’t doing it for me at the minute.


3 thoughts on “A breakup

  1. hahaha – this is funny. It started off like a Mills and Boon story and then went on to oral health! Made my morning! 🙂

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