Apology again

I received the next installment of the magazine, I was eager to see if they had printed an acknowledgement and apology for not crediting me in the last issue.  In the editors column on the 3rd page was this…

I also want to thank Cynical Scribble for allowing the use of three of his superb images, featuring the filming of the new Hovis television advertisement, on page 89 of last month’s issue.  In some ways his images help us paint a picture of those who departed to the battlefields around the world – so many of whom did not return.

I think they’ve gone a bit OTT personally!  I’m not convinced I was responsible for any deaths, but it’s a nice gesture nonetheless.

I also got a free pen.  It’s a silver thing with the logo on the side.  I don’t want to open it up to discover it’s a cheap imitation of a Parker pen, I’d be truly devastated if it wasn’t a Parker.


14 thoughts on “Apology again

  1. Come on admit it, you may have a bit of an alibi* for the deaths in WWII, but you can’t tell me that as you lent out of your window and took careful aim, you didn’t accidentally knock a pot plant off the sill, killing a number of extras (Only getting away with it because they had non speaking roles and so nobody acknowledge there dying cries….) Who do you think you are Ben Hur**…..

    * “I wasn’t born then!” will hardly stand up in court once I prove that time travel is possible….

    ** Incidentally, I’m looking forward to your coverage off the chariot race in a future blog.

    P.s – This might completely kill off your any desire to attend the Theatre – http:// BlackLOGBraving the West End again
    -Unless you happen to have a thing for Rob Lowe…..

  2. BlackLOG – my alibi will be secure from Doc Brown, hopefully Mr McFly will be able to testify too. I’m safe on that score.

    Once we get the flux capacitor working, I’ll sort out that chariot race and whip them all into shape. I am a living version of Quantum Leap.

    Ps. Yep, I’m finished with any thoughts of visiting the theatre now!

  3. I could have understood if you had gone down the Dr Who route – after all there is soon to be a vacancy*….. But Quantum Leap, that was just so bad. I felt physically sick anytime Sam dressed as a woman. “Oh Boy……….”

    *Unless Russell Brand gets in there first. If he does then we will know the BBC are trying to kill off the franchise again….

  4. It’s a victory for the little man S.Le!

    I’ve never got Dr Who either BlackLOG. There’s so much I’m missing in my life!! Although I agree, it was very strange when he was dressed in womens clothes.

  5. CS – I am very worried about you, no Bond, no Dr Who I bet you didn’t watch West Wing or Heroes.

    You should count yourself lucky however that you don’t have a current partner. I’ve been dragged into the dark world that is Strictly Come Dancing. Aaaaaarrrrrrgggggggg

  6. I downloaded and watched all of the West Wing last year, it took me a good few months but it was worth it. Brilliant programme.
    I’ve gone off Heroes a bit, I watched the last series out of boredom and haven’t bothered (so far) with the new ones.

    Strictly Come Dancing? Hang your head in shame young man.

  7. You need to see bond, also take a girl to see Blood Brothers at the theatre, it will show you have a softer side and get you in for the long term relationship thing.

    You can thank me later when the girl in question is sat beside you in the theatre sobbing on your shoulder and you are sat there with a big grin on your face because her hand accidentally brushed past your penis.

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