Alkyl Nitrite

hgyu67v Today I went the garage by work to fill up with petrol during my lunch hour.  Nothing unusual with that I know.   It’s a regular garage, you can buy your usual stale sandwiches and assorted sweets and chocolate bars etc.  All is fine and ship shape.

What was unusual was another product they were selling.  As I got to the till they had a tray of poppers on the counter for sale (Liquid Gold, for the more concerting popper connoisseurs amongst you).  Since when did petrol stations branch out into this market? 

The thought of being able to buy: petrol, a sandwich, a newspaper and a bottle of poppers at the same time had me laughing.  I was amazed, yet applaud their audacity. 


3 thoughts on “Alkyl Nitrite

  1. Experiment: Stand by the operating petrol pump, eating a sandwich, reading the newspaper, and pop a popper. See what happens.

  2. That would be a fantastic experiment. I’m not sure I want to volunteer for it though.

    Dennis, you’ve lived a sheltered life. However, they do also go by other names. These breaded fried cheese stuffed jalapeno peppers though…they sound immense.

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