I handed my notice in, they won’t let me go and refused it.   I think I’ve just got myself a 10k payrise in the space of 2 minutes to not leave.  They are going to speak to me on Monday.

Fuck. ing. hell  That rise is proper insane.

I know i need it in writing, but for the Director to refuse my resignation, and then to tell me he wants me on 10k more that what I earn now so I don’t leave – it’s just silly money.  It also means they know I’ve been under paid for the past couple of years. Which he admitted….but still…..

2 minutes ‘work’.  Whoo and indeed fucking hoo!  I’m in the driving seat now….

All drinks on me!

In my best Prince Adam (he of He-Man fame) voice – “I have the powwweeerrrrr”

Any advice anyone?


16 thoughts on “Errrm

  1. Gosh, that’s a bit exciting. I was just about to congratulate you on the new job – are you definitely going to stay at the old one?? I mean, was it only the pay that was making you want to leave?

    Well done anyway! x

  2. Thanks Rosie, it is only the pay really, I’ll stay if they give me the rise!

    Jo – yep I’m going to mention the benefits of the other job over my current one: more holidays, flexi-time, pension etc 🙂

    S. Le – I’ll be staying if they give me that rise, it’s not the worst job in the world. I made sure my boss knew it was only about the money!

    I’m actually looking forward to Monday morning for a change!

  3. And I was dancing over getting a 6% rise, well done.

    If you like the job then stay, even if they have shafted you over the last couple of years. Just makes it easier next time you want to move, you won’t have to feel guilty.

    Mines a chocolate milk shake – shaken not stirred, it is after all coming up to Bond time again… (Ian Fleming will be spinning in his grave over that last remark. Probably have to down a tripple Gin and T, to get over it)

  4. Oh wow, congratulations. I wish things like that happened in my life. (Although to be fair I did just get a pay rise and what I’m earning is an absolute forzune for an intern).

  5. Thanks for your words of praise people 🙂

    In the end I settled on a 9k raise, in writing. This unfortunate ‘decrease’ means I will no longer be able to buy anyone a drink as previously mentioned 😉

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