Short music type post

I’m going to see Elbow tonight.

Tatty bye for now!


6 thoughts on “Short music type post

  1. Yeh, Elbow were good, not as good as when I seen them at Glastonbury this year, but I think I was more under the influence at Glastonbury than I was last week.

    Thanks for the offer of the tickets but I’m up north ways, too far for me to travel on a Monday night!

    I meant to ask you as well, how was Travis? More importantly, did anyone vomit on the mrs?! Enjoy the Hoosiers.

  2. Travis were fantastic – The Astoria is (was – it is closing down). We arrived late because Mrs B wanted something to eat beforehand. Decided to go up stairs, squeezed past the people passed the lazy people who reached the top of the stairs and got no further, made our way to the centre of the balcony for a perfect view and loads of room.

    The Hoosiers were good but my night took a dark and sinister down turn when some youf told me to “Get with it Granddad”*. I was too shocked to tell him to F off and give him a clip around the ears for being cheeky to the elderly. Just as well you did not come down for the event – a large number of the audience came in Fancy Dress – I get the feeling from your most resent blog that you would not have been happy with the weirder element trailing alien antennas and afro hair styles* members of the audience.

    * at least he did not say “Get with the program dadeo.” I would probably have picked him up by his school shorts and taken him to the headmasters office for a damn good thrashing…

    ** Thinking about it, since it was Brixton, perhaps it was not fancy dress after all.

  3. Oh sorry I forgot, I can confirm that there was no vomit on Mrs B’s shoes. Not even her own, which was a bit of a miracle, considering I forced her to eat quicker then she is comfortable with and then made her jump about for over an hour. I suspect the audiance down below us were rather grateful that she held it together as well.

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