Long job/work type post

First of all, I’m alive and well – thank you for your concern people!

Secondly, I apologise for the longishness (what a word) of this post but I’ve gone and gotten myself a new job and I felt it needed explaining a little. 

I’ve worked for my present employer for 10 years now. However for the past couple of years, considering what I know and what I do, I’ve felt I’ve not been paid enough.  I can do most of the stuff in my sleep and that’s because I’ve been there so long, gained the experience and know the in’s and out’s of it all.  I’ve told my boss a few times that I thought I should be earning more in comparison to other people in the company (I’m at a – excuse my use of this phrase – ‘middle management’ type level but not paid for it).  Whilst he has agreed with me, he also just fobbed me off with ‘it’ll get sorted out’ and that it had to be agreed with the MD – it never has been.  They are tight bastards though and if they can save themselves a pound somehow they would.


The new job is in a similar position to what I do now, but for the city council and with a few more staff to manage than what I do now – nothing too daunting for me.  It’s also a busier office and with new stuff to learn I’m sure it’ll give me (and my brain) the kick up the arse it’s needed for a while.  It seems like the ideal job for me to be honest – when I read the job specification I did literally tick every single box. 

The only real downside to it, is that it’s a short term contract for a year to cover maternity leave.  They have said there is a chance it could be made permanent but they can’t promise anything.  But, salary wise, it pays £7k more per year than what I earn now…yep – seven thousand….MORE!

So, given I’ve become stuck in a little rut in my current work, for the salary alone, I think it’s worth the gamble.  A change is as good as a rest as they say.  If nothing else, it’s a foot in the door for the council (everyone I know has always said if you can get a council job then your sorted.  Once you’re in, then you’re in).  If it does only last a year then at least I’ve tried and I won’t be doing that ‘what if’ thing.  If nothing else, I’ll have more money than I’m used to and will know what to do with for a year (I’ll probably spend most of it on alcohol to be honest!).

If, in a years time, they decide not to make me permanent, then I know I’m employable.  I had my first ever ‘proper’ interview the other day and I’ve gotten the job – I’ve proven that I’m employable and I’m employable on a very good wage!  Therefore, in a years time I will also be employable on a very good wage.  That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it.

I’m apprehensive about putting my notice in though, 10 years is a long time in anyone’s book and I’ve become part of the furniture in my work.  I’m also the son my boss never had (literally), he did used to tell people I was his protege for a while a few years ago and he will not be a happy bunny!  A lot of people have always commented that the place will be fucked if I was ever to leave and I agree with them.  Without blowing my own trumpet, there is no one, and I mean no one in my work who knows my job.  My boss doesn’t even know how to do my job and more importantly, there isn’t even anyone who knows enough to keep things running.  It would just grind to a halt, so I can’t see them letting me go without making me an offer to stay.

I’m waiting for the confirmation letter from the new job before I put my notice in, but I should get that by tomorrow (Friday at the latest).  Once I do tell them though I’m expecting the next few days to be very eventful!


One thought on “Long job/work type post

  1. Congrats on the new job! I’ve been at my work place for 10 years as well so I know what it is like to feel like part of the furniture. Well done for making that move!

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