Pint Throwing

One thing I’ll never understand about people at concerts, are the ones who launch their half empty pints forward soaking everyone.  Why?  What kick does this give people?  It annoys the hell out of me.  There is just no logical explanation I can come up with apart from that they are twats.

I know at some big concerts/festivals the contents of the plastic pint glass will not be alcohol either.  This is why I’ll never venture that far to the front at a concert.  I like concerts as much as the next person, but  I’d rather not worry about being soaked with a piss/beer combination because some prick thinks it’s ok to throw the remains of his drink over people at a concert.

I do understand the need to get rid of the plastic glass – people get excited and they don’t want to worry about keeping hold of their drink.  Or, if they’ve stood in the same spot for hours, they don’t want to loose it by going the toilet.  Ok fine, piss in a glass, but then why not just drop it on the floor?

I don’t know if it happens abroad or if it’s just the knobhead behaviour of some UK people?  I even got into a fight a few years ago because someone in front of me threw his pint over people.  He took offense over me not liking it, twisting his ear and telling him off.   Another time I pushed someone who had just thrown their pint and asked them why they had just thrown it “I don’t know” was all he could say.  But, not expecting anyone to say anything, he did calm down then.  It really does anger me.

I went to see Travis last week and I got hit by flying beer.   Travis, of all bands.  It’s not exactly punk rock, so what’s the need?

I’m off to see Oasis tonight, and as much as I’m looking forward to the concert I’m dreading the flying beer.  I know they can attract a, shall we say, loutish crowd, but I’m not one of them and I don’t let things like that put me off.  I’ve seen them a few times before and whilst I think they are excellent, the amount of ale liquid that gets thrown about is just unbelievable.  Although, I was once hit on the back of my neck by a (nearly empty) packet of biscuits at an Oasis concert, that made a change! (Custard Creams incase you’re wondering).

Anywho, I don’t understand the whole mentality of throwing stuff at concerts.    But I’m now going to put alcohol to it’s proper use to get drunk, watch Oasis…and shout at anyone throwing ale.

I’ll be honest, I’m dead excited!


12 thoughts on “Pint Throwing

  1. As it happens I’m off to see Travis tonight. I’ll try and keep my over priced warm drink in my plastic cup.

    Hope you enjoy Oasis more then I did. I saw them (or rather didn’t see them) at Knebworth. We were so far back that the slope got in the way of our view. All we could see was the top of the stage. It didn’t help that some useless twat up chucked over Mrs Bs New boots. She took a very dim view of this I can tell you. Took me three years to get her to go back to a concert.

  2. Travis were very good when I seen them last week, you’ll enjoy it. They amazingly had the whole place pogo-ing for Why Does It Always Rain at the end (I never thought it was a pogo-ing tune). As we walked out 5 mins later it was absolutely pissing down and I got drenched. Bastards.

    I was also at Knebworth – my first ever gig when I was 15/16! Although I was lucky enough to get quite close (about 100 meters out) and it still ranks as my best ever gig. Outdoor concerts aren’t for everyone, but she will enjoy Travis tonight…as long as no one vomits.

    All reports of last nights gig are very good so I’m hoping they’ll be on good form again. This’ll be the 5th time I’ve seen them and they haven’t let me down…yet!

  3. I reckon there are knobhead twats the whole world over! Stupit twits! Plus one must consider the wasted “liquid!” They paid for it!

  4. Your rant may not have had the desired effect on me… Instead of joining in your outrage it got me all nostalgic remembering watching the 2003 Rugby World Cup. Every time England scored I was absolutely covered in beer as people repeatedly jumped up and launched their pints into the air!

    And then nostalgic again as I rememebered V2005 when Oasis headlined. There was no way I was getting soaked in any liquid because a kind rugby player hoisted me onto his shoulders during the first song and insisted I stayed there for the whole set – with a perfect view.

    So… I hope you survive tonight’s flying beverages. Hopefully you’ve not started any fights with the ale-throwers!

  5. I had my first experience of flying beer/piss/Pimms (only beer and Pimms was available at the end of the night) at V back in August while watching The Prodigy. We weren’t even that near the front but with some sort of liquid hitting your back and getting in to my own drink was grim. I completely agree with you – why people do this, I just don’t get it.

    Have a great time at Oasis tonight or was it last night (hope you had a good time).

  6. Rosie – I don’t mind being soaked when someone scores or in celebration etc, it can’t be helped at times like that. It’s when people deliberately throw the drinks which annoy me. You got lucky being on someones shoulders though 🙂

    Oasis were good and I did get soaked. Booooooo!! Even though I expected the flying ale, it’s still bloody annoying! No fights though, I was good 🙂

    I had to laugh when someone in front of me threw the remains of their ale into the crowd, then 5 minutes later he got hit himself by ale. He then turned around very annoyed and was trying to see who it was to go and have a word – as if no one else had a right to soak him even though he’d just done it himself. Poetic justice.

  7. I went to see Travis in about 2001/2002 and they had a Playstation rigged up to project onto the screen at the rear of the stage. I was stood at the front and one of them tried to hand the controller to me, asking me to race a car for the duration of a song they played. I’d never played on a Playstation before so I handed the controller to the girl next to me (embarrassing myself in front of 20,000 people was a bit daunting, although I am very sad I couldn’t do it). Anyway, I swear the bassist kept winking at me throughout the gig.

    And once, someone hit me on the back of the head at a gig with a plastic Smirnoff Ice bottle. It hurt, and Smirnoff Ice sucks.

  8. blueskies – is the bassist the one with the red hair, or the other one? Anyway, ‘the other one’ jumped into the crowd and then played his guitar in the crowd when I seen them. Exciting for a Travis gig!

    I agree with the Smirnoff though, I got hit by cider the other night, not the best smell to having lingering!

    bevchen – I know, Travis of all concerts, the one place I thought I would’ve been safe! Alcohol does indeed have far superior uses than throwing it.

  9. rosie – haha yep I’m alive, thank you for your concern 🙂 I’ve been busy, but I’ve got a post to put up later.

    blueskies – yeh he does look like a rooster, reminds me of the film Chicken Run everytime I see him!

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