I’m rich, rich I tells ya…

The cheque arrived today from Mr Magazine man.

It was for the sum of thirty pounds.

A bit more than I expected, and not a bad return for sticking my head out of my bedroom window!

I will spend the money responsibly on alcohol in celebration of my new found photography skills and wealth.

*burns twenty pound note*


*I’ve got to stop doing them little *action* things, I annoy myself doing them.



*chops fingers off*


6 thoughts on “I’m rich, rich I tells ya…

  1. That is a good question I haven’t given much though to. But immediate solutions come to mind….

    1) with a pencil/pen in my mouth

    2) with my toes. I’ve seen some people paint paintings with their toes on the tv. Typying with Toes – the name of my future masterclass. I’m a genius.

    3)with one of them things Stephen Hawking has, they look ace them (not the disease, I don’t want that. Just the machine, just the machine).

  2. Brilliant, mate! How many of your chums are you treating? Ah, none? Gonna drink the lot yourself then? Wow! Tomorrow is hangover time!

  3. S,Le – £30 won’t go too far, I think you’ll agree it will be spent much more wisely on meeeeeee!

    Tom – hello and thanks for your comment. Apologies, your comment was in my spam box and I’ve only just noticed and rescued it 🙂

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