I’ve had an apology from the editor of the magazine about my pictures.

He was full of apologies and said the acknowledgement was in the proofing notes, which he wrote himself, but it was missed out by the artworker.  He went onto say that it was still his fault as he signed it off.

Anyway, he’ll ensure that there is an acknowledgement and apology in the next issue and has offered me a years free subscription by way of apology- which I’ve obviously accepted!  He’s also put a cheque in the post to cover their standard image reproduction fee, which will cover my 3 pics.  He hasn’t said how much it is though!

Drinks are on me if it’s more than £20!


4 thoughts on “Apology

  1. Brilliant! Glad you complained! Not so sure having a subscription to that particular magazine is much of a prize though…

  2. I know it’s not a great magazine!! My thinking behind it was that even if it’s not much, it’ll obviously cost them to send me it for free for 12 months. So why not!

    I doubt it, but this time next year I could be a military expert! Or they will be used as a ‘tray’ to stop my legs burning when I’m eating my dinner.

    It’s win win!

  3. Excellent – glad they are making a public apology.

    I saw the Hovis advert the other day that features your street, cool advert and what a nice looking road you live in!

  4. Good idea for recycling/reusing! After you use the magazine as a “tray” you can roll it into a fire log for your fireplace!

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