Glastonbury Tickets

Tickets for Glastonbury 2009 went on sale this morning, thankfully it wasn’t too much hassle to get them once the initial rush had died down.  In previous years they start selling them in April, but they’ve changed it this year and I haven’t heard or seen too much about the ticket sales in the press either, so I’m sure a lot of regulars who go don’t even know they are on sale. 

When the tickets went on sale in 2005, they started the sale at 8pm on a Thursday.  I remember still pressing refresh 8 hours later and having no sleep trying to get tickets at 5am before I finally gave up and attempted some sleep for work.  I was up again at 7.30 and tried again, finally managing to get tickets about 8am!  Thankfully it’ll probably never be that difficult to get tickets again but I would make the same effort if I had to.

Since going to my first Glastonbury in 2003 I haven’t missed one.  Even if you didn’t like any bands, you’d have to be the most miserable bastard in the world if you didn’t have a good time there….mud or no mud!  There is just too much going on and the site is huge, you can’t cover it all in a day.  The TV ‘highlights’ never do it justice as they only ever show the main bands.

So living in a big (hopefully not muddy) field for 5 days will be my yearly holiday again next year.

There’s only 261 days to go…Whoo Hoo!


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