Photographer (Reprise)

The Britain at War magazine that wanted to use my pictures arrived in the post today.  They’ve printed my pictures, but haven’t put any kind of acknowledgement on there that 3 of the photos are mine.  Bastards!

They have used two other peoples photos on the other page and both have acknowledgements made to them.  In fact, because they have acknowledged people for the other photos on the other page it looks like my photos belong to them.  Grrrrrr.

It’s a bit of a novelty for me getting pictures printed in a magazine, so I’m proper annoyed now.  The only person who knows that them pictures are mine is the guy who contacted me about using them….and me.  My 5 minutes of photography fame has now been shattered.

I think I’ll contact them and ask them why they haven’t identified me as the photographer – as I requested and as they agreed to.  But it’s too late now anyway, it’s not like they will reproduce the article next month with my name on there.  If anything they’ll write up a little apology box next month (in size 4 font) which no one reads anyway.  *shakes an angry fist*

Am I wrong to be pissed off, or am I being a bit pedantic?

*shakes fist more angrily*


12 thoughts on “Photographer (Reprise)

  1. I would be shaking both fists and “fart in their(sic) general direction!” Rubbish rag! They should re-print your photos with credit and apology!

    I’d be gutted!

  2. I sent them an email of complaint this morning – I’ve asked how they propose to rectify the situation. I’ll see what they come back with before I make any demands!

    Now I’ve thought about it a bit more it’s a matter of principle isn’t it? An acknowledgement wasn’t much to ask for in the first place.

    Can I take them to court and demand millions? Can I demand anything?! Even if it’s not true, can someone tell me I’m owed millions.

    “This time next year Rodney….”

  3. They’ve got to be careful doing things like that these days. A professional photographer wouldn’t get that treatment, so it’s not fair that you don’t. Interested to know what they say…I hope you included the words ‘copywrite law’ in your letter 😉

  4. Jo – the copyright law stuff will come out in my next email if I’m not happy with their response. I’ve taken the softly softly approach to start with!

    Rosie – awww thanks! I didn’t think it’d be long before some Sherlock worked out where I lived haha! I realised, after I wrote about it, that it’s not too hard to find out if people done some digging on the Hovis advert. But shush for now (especially if you know the street), I couldn’t cope with even more females camped outside my front door!

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  6. I am so sorry this happened to you. I began working for a monthly magazine a few month ago as a contract photographer and the first month, I produced the image for their main story. Not only did they not acknowledge me, but they give the credit to their staff photographer. That was the first month I worked for them AND the last one as well.

    Printed correction are nice but who reads them? Once the moment has passed…

  7. Hi nathaliewithanh – it’s rubbish isn’t it. I was looking forward to my name being printed in the magazine but now, as you say, the moment has passed. Yours sounds worse than mine though, mine wasn’t contracted work and it wasn’t credited to someone else. What bastards.

    I’m an ‘apology’, a years free subscription and £30 better off though. Oh the joy!

  8. Well Cynical Scribbler, you are much luckier than I am (and much richer now!) All I got was a “It always happens once or twice every issue.”

    Had they offered me a free subscription, I would have informed them of different possible uses for it, none of which I can detail on this lovely blog (but it would definitely involve human body parts.)

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