Good Thing / Bad Thing

Good Thing

Finding a crisp in your packet with loads more flavour on than all the rest.  Steak McCoys I’m looking at you here *applauds*

Bad Thing

Going out drinking on a school night and getting into work an hour late.  Ooops.

(Rather than blame myself, I’m blaming Rosie for reading about her plans and putting the idea in my head :))


6 thoughts on “Good Thing / Bad Thing

  1. But should you be applauding. Investigation will probably find that the crisp is probably called Sylar and has been going around steeling other crisps special powers i.e flavour.

    This probably won’t mean anything to none Heroes viewers

  2. At first I read it to say “pocket” instead of “packet.” I was thinking lint probably added the exta flavour.

    So did the boss buy your story about “Rosie?” Did you get poor marks for the day? Bad, bad!

  3. BlackLOG – I see your point. I hadn’t thought of it that way before. maybe I should complain and get a free box of crisps!

    S.Le – Lint flavour crisps, surely there is a market out there somewhere!
    I’m not even sure my boss noticed I was late to be honest. His office is upstairs and he didn’t mention anything when I spoke to him earlier. Although sleepy eyes and alcohol fumed breath may have given the game away.

  4. Sadly the days of getting free products seem to be over, ruined by people who were prepared to cut there own fingers off and place them in a half eaten packet. I was down to 7 fingers before it became economically unviable as a way to make an “honest” living…..

  5. Sorry Mrs B would murder me – “there” should read “their” and while I’m at it “steel” should read “steal” from my original comment. It comes to something when even I start noticing and correcting my own spelling mistakes. What has Mrs B done to me, I’ve always believed the flow and getting the statement out there is the important thing…. It
    was so much better when I did not notice or even care.

  6. At least you attempted to live the dream BlackLOG. Captain Hook was onto something after all…

    I didn’t notice to be honest, as long as I know what you mean (and it’s not text speak) then it’s good enough for me. Just wait until you start correcting restaurant menus, then you know you’re in trouble!

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