Sleeping with cold feet

Is it possible to fall sleep when you have cold feet?

Think about it.

How many times have you been awake in bed and felt your feet were too cold?  You warm them up by rubbing them together, or rubbing them on the warm part of your legs, or you put socks on.  Then you manage to fall asleep.

I’m sure I read somewhere donkeys ago that you need warm feet to fall asleep.  Maybe I’m just going mad though.  It might be that it just helps sleep and it’s not impossible to fall asleep when they are cold?  I’m thinking of Arctic explorers here – but even then, they’ll be wearing 6 inch thick wooly socks right?  Warm feet.


One thought on “Sleeping with cold feet

  1. If you rub your feet on your sleeping partner, you don’t get any sleep at all.

    Arctic explorers who fall asleep with cold feet don’t wake up. EVER!

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