What would you do?

This morning, in the bathroom, there was loose toilet paper next to the toilet bowl.  Odd in itself (why wasn’t it just put in the toilet bowl and flushed)….but anyway…a loose end was free of the lump of toilet paper AND clean, so I picked it up.  I’m not a meff, I wasn’t just going to leave it on the floor.

Only as I raised it off the floor did I realise it wasn’t clean loose toilet paper.  One end of it was all crusty and clumped together.

Now by the process of elimination I knew what it was.

It wasn’t brown in colour – so that rules out shit.  Neither was it the yellow/greeney snot colour – also the size of the stuck together lump ruled out snot.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen….it was used wank tissue.  Left, in all it’s glory, on the bathroom floor.

I’m very easy going to be honest and not much phases me, but six hours later I’m still fuming and disgusted.  I didn’t realise I lived with The Young Ones.

I’m yet to hear from the guilty party.


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