I haven’t wrote much lately I know.  A mixture of not having much to write about and being lazy.  Anyway…

A few weeks ago a new advert for Hovis was being filmed in my road.  (For any of you oversea’s readers, Hovis is a British bread company ).  It involved 150 extra’s dressed in World War One solider uniforms.  The idea is was that they were waving the boys off to war or something or other. 

I ended up shoving my head out of the window and taking a few snaps on my phone – it’s not everyday a film crew and 150 marching solider’s are in your street after all.  A few days later I stuck them up on Flickr and a video on YouTube.   

Yesterday, I got an email from ‘Britain at War’ magazine, asking for my permission to use my images in an article.  I got a wee bit excited and burst out laughing when I read the email.  My pictures.  In a magazine.  Fantastic!

If I ever take pictures it’s just an afterthought using my phone.  I haven’t got some mad £500 camera, I don’t even own a camera, just my phone (Nokia N82 if you’re wondering, the camera is quite good on it). 

Now someone wants to use pictures I’ve taken (on a mobile phone) in a magazine.  I just find it funny, stuff like that doesn’t happen with me.  So I’ve granted my permission and just asked for acknowledgement that I’m the ‘photographer’ and a copy of the magazine when it’s published. 

Ok ok ok, it’s not Hello, or Cosmopolitan, or anything like that.  But it looks like I’m going to be in print.  How exciting!

I doubt anyone will rush out and buy Britain at War to look at my photography skills, so when I find out what pictures they want to use I’ll shove them up here 🙂

And nope, I didn’t nick the Hovis loaf off the little lad.  I was tempted though!


6 thoughts on “Photographer

  1. Brilliant! Awesome! You’ve a right to be MORE than a wee bit excited!
    I’d be ecstatic and boasting to everybody within earshot! Congrats lad! Why DIDN’T you nick the Hovis loaf? Afraid it was stale or you’d be accused of accosting the wee boy?

  2. I thought of asking for royalities – or a fee – but how much would I ask for? I’ve no idea how these things work. They might’ve just said forget it we don’t pay money and binned me for being cheeky! It probably would’ve only been a tenner or something anyway, it’s not exactly Cosmo!

    I wasn’t taking the chance of not being a ‘published photographer’ hehe :p

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