Our Day Out

I’ve had the day off work today and done absolutely nothing apart from fix my computer.  I managed to get the sound working eventually.

The rest of my day has been spent watching Take That – Live at the O2, This Morning (learning how to use hair straighteners (yes, I was bored)) and Cash In The Attic.  The Olympics filled in a lot of time and my next viewing pleasure will be bits of the Leeds/Reading Festival on TV until Our Day Out comes on later (BBC4 11.20pm).  I remember watching this about 10 years ago and pissed myself laughing at it.  Hopefully it’ll still be just as funny later.

I did make an attempt to get people out earlier, but as the only singleton with no kids or a mortgage my attempts were futile.  My housemate wasn’t interested in going out either.  B’ah.

So, here I am writing nonsense whilst everyone else is seemingly off already enjoying the bank holiday!


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