It Lives

One last attempt at reviving my PC last night amazingly proved sucessful.  There’s life in the old girl yet, which means i can spend my cash on alcohol rather than a spankingly new computer.  Yay!

I changed a setting in the BIOS after reading something on the net.  I won’t go into technical details but it worked.  Whoo Hooo.

My computer is now clean of anything.  With a completely clean machine you realise how quick it should be before you install all your crap on it.  I can shut down and restart within about 1 minute (it took about 5 mins previously to just startup).

I spent last night updating and installing things – how exciting.  Not.  I still can’t get the sound working though, so that’s today’s task.  I’ve tried the drivers off the manufacturers website but it’s still not working.

The music I thought I backed up a few months ago, was actually backed up in March 2007 – D’oh.  So I have a years worth of albums to purchase again, although that might be rendered useless if I don’t manage to get the sound working again!


One thought on “It Lives

  1. As much as I love computers and other tech stuff, they are oh so frustrating when they won’t cooperate. I think one year in computer years equals about 20 in people years. Thus a 5 year old computer would be 100 years old. Sorry old girl… time for the pensioner’s home.

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