My computer has died

My computer at home died peacefully last night.  Not before a 4 hour resuscitation session though.  I tried windows repair, reinstallation, formatting – nothing.  Dead as a dodo.

I knew it had been on the verge of dying for a while.  It was 4/5 years old and the fan sounding like it was about to take off was a dead give away that it was on it’s way out.  So 6 months ago I told myself to buy  an external hard drive to backup all my stuff.  Did I buy one?


Luckily I did backup all my legally aquired music onto DVDs about 4 months ago so it’s not all lost.  Most of my photo’s are on Flikr so I haven’t lost them and my emails are all on GMail so it’s not that much of a disaster.

The bad news is that I don’t have money to go out and buy a laptop/PC tomorrow so it might be a few months before I get one.  The good news is that there is a redundant PC in our spare room which I think I’ll be able to use – it’s old, but last time it was turned on (about a year ago) it was working and is ok for the internet which is all I basically need one for in the meantime.  So hopefully I’ll be able to breath some life into that one.

In the meantime I’m PC/Laptop browsing so if you have any recommendations then fire away – the cheaper the better!  I noticed Jaggys post today (well timed) and I quite like the look of that one.  I’ve always had a PC but I’m heading towards getting a laptop considering I don’t need it for much more than browsing/music.


3 thoughts on “My computer has died

  1. Cheers for the link. Funnily enough, this is my first visit to you from home seeing as how you were only on my bookmarks at work. I’ll add you to my blogroll now that I’m at home and I remember.

  2. I recently had to take my wife’s iBook apart to replace a dead fan after the dog splashed coffee into it (he was stealing drinks from an unattended mug at the time). I think she was hoping I wouldn’t be able to fix it so that she could get an Air …

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