For lack of thinking of anything else to write about (and being bored in work) I’m going to tell you what I had for lunch.

It was a chicken and cheese sandwich with lettuce, cucumber, peppers and onion, topped with some reggae-reggae sauce! With a little added salt and pepper.  Made with my own fair hands this morning.

Currently washing it down with a can of coke (due to there being sod all else in the cold drinks machine).

What did you have for lunch o’fair reader?


4 thoughts on “Lunch

  1. Left over dinner from the night before, a Mexican wrap. Then I go round a friends for dinner tonight and guess what – Mexican fajitas! I like Mexican food but not almost three meals in a row.

  2. Chicken and cheese don’t go together. It’s like wearing black shoes and white sports socks, an absolute no-no.

    I’ve never tried that Reggae Reggae sauce stuff. I need to try it.

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