ghosts Has anyone actually seen a ghost…a proper one…not someone dressed in a sheet or anything.  I think everyone has their own ‘close encounter’ which they tell to people.

My close encounter happened when I was about 10 (yes I know, a very impressionable age, but shush),  I was laying in bed but had my eyes closed.  I wasn’t asleep, I’d already opened my eyes to admire the He-Man wallpaper and A-Team bedcovers. (I know what you’re thinking ‘wow, you were sooo cool’).  I hadn’t gone back into a dream I may have been having, I was just laying there listening to people pottering about downstairs.

Anyway, I closed my eyes again, comforted by the knowledge that nobody had stolen my action figures that night and no monsters were lurking.  Then I sensed someone next to me, but as I hadn’t heard anyone come up the stairs or come into the room I was a bit too scared to check.  I remember thinking if I can’t see them then I won’t be scared.

The next second someone/something tapped my fingernail, dead centre of my nail on my hand which was sticking out of the duvet (the hand which was possibly holding onto Mr-T – wow that sounds so wrong).  I opened my eyes and nothing, or no one was there,  but someone/something definitely tapped my fingernail.

I still don’t know what it was to this day, I can still feel the touch of it now as I’m typing this out.  Ever since then I’ve never, ever slept with my hands outside of the duvet.  Although I have got rid of the wallpaper and bedcovers unfortunately!


4 thoughts on “Ghosts

  1. I’ve never personally seen a ghost but sometimes I can sense someone is there (but I’m not scared which is weird). Living in an old house makes me wonder how many ghosts live there too, but they are the silent type – no clicking of chains or woooing. The squirrel living in our loft makes more noise! (I call the squirrel ‘SpiderSquirrel’ by his crafty climbing up the front of our two-story house).

  2. The house I’m in now is very old and I do get a bit spooked of a night time – but more because it plays on my mind and my over active imagination rather than anything happening.

    I actually scared myself running up the stairs once as I heard something breathing behind me….I then relaised it was my own breath (I had a cold at the time). D’oh.

    Hi Middle Man, I liked your post. Your tale is far spookier than mine, I almost want something like the cupboard thing to happen with me even though I’d shit myself right there and then if it ever did happen!

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