Bank Charges & Call Centres

I’m due to get money from my brother for a loan I sorted for him every month.  Last month the money didn’t go into my account so I’ve been hit with bank charges.  Thankfully, he is repaying me the charges I’m due to pay – so personally I won’t lose out.  I’m sure the whole bank charges thing has been written about before by many people, but I’m annoyed at how they can fine you so much money.

I missed 4 direct debits, which amount to a total of about £100.  The bank are now charging me a whopping £191!  Cheeky bastards.

I don’t care what anyone says, it hasn’t cost them £191 to refuse the payments.  They don’t have elves in the back of machines scurring around directing these payments elsewhere – so what are they charging it for?  I know the whole bank charges thing has been put on hold so there isn’t much I can do to reclaim them at the minute.

I did phone up and ask for some leeway but becasue they refunded me one fine as a ‘goodwill gesture’ last year they can’t do it again.  The best they could do is extend my overdraft so I won’t get another fine for these charges.  Grrrrrrr.

I won’t even begin to rant about having to speak to robots in indian call centres either.  Are they allowed to say anything other than what is on the piece of paper in front of them?  The end of my first phone call went like this:

“You aren’t listening to me are you?”

“You will be charged £25 if the payment is not made”

“Errrm.  Did you understand what I said?

“I’m sorry, you will be charged £25 if the payment is not made”


Double Grrrrrrrrr.


2 thoughts on “Bank Charges & Call Centres

  1. Banks are thieving bastards. That is utterly ridiculous. You know the legislation that will make this practice illegal is in the process of going through?

    My advice is get online, find a template and apply for your refund for when it becomes illegal. They’re not processing the refunds at the moment, but as soon as it’s all finalised, you’ll be further down the line than most others who apply later.

  2. Thanks Jo, I’ve just been looking it up online. I’ve thought about doing it in the past but never bothered as I’ve never had that many charges. But £200 is just plain ridiculous!

    Seems like they aren’t processing anymore claims until Jan 2009. Apparently they have 750,000 claims on hold and mine will also be added to that pile shortly 😀

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