I’ve finally got round to putting up a ‘blogroll’.  Over there on the right somewhere.  I know I should’ve done it sooner (blogger’s etiquette and all that malarkey), but I was too lazy to go through Google Reader picking out the blogs I like. 

Some of you I’ve been stalking reading for quite a while (even if I haven’t commented much, if at all, I’ve still been reading).  Indeed, one or two of you are the reason why I started putting my rubbish out there too.  So you have yourselves to blame for this stuff!  


If you’re not listed, then I probably haven’t found you…or I don’t like you.  It’s probably the former *ahem* 😉 

If you’re reading let me know and I’ll link you.


2 thoughts on “Blogroll

  1. Hello 🙂

    Thank you for putting me down on your blogroll. How exciting.

    Because the evil wordpress doesn’t tell me where people have come from (and because you haven’t commented) I haven’t read you before today. But now I’ve found you….

  2. cheers for the comment but now you’ve found me you’ve opened up a whole world of pain for yourself, my apologies hehe 😉

    I’m rubbish at commenting, but I’m there in the background. I’ll try and spout out nonsense on your blog if I can 🙂

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