Office Work

I wonder sometimes what would working in an office be like without the internet.  Did people who worked in offices 20 years ago actually do proper work…all day?

The Office

I’m not that old to remember pre-internet days, I started my first (and only) proper job just as the internet was kicking off.  It was a job which I was made to go to by the Jobcentre and their ‘New Deal’ programme.  As a young whipper snapper I was happy working part time, but oh no it wasn’t enough, they made me get a proper full time job.  Ten years later I’m still here getting paid to pretend to work and sit on internet forums all day.  Although, there are some days when I do actually work, I don’t get away with it that much.  I think it’s probably a 60/40 split between work and internet.  I suppose I’m lucky that they don’t block internet access

I remember having Solitaire races with collegues when I started here ten years ago – I think I completed one game in about 50 seconds.  Or the whacky days of work experience from school when I spent a whole day building towers with staples.  *goes all misty eyed* Those where the days.

It’s comforting to know I’ve just been paid to write this – I’m still churning out high productivity through every orifice.


3 thoughts on “Office Work

  1. Your working day sounds just like mine! I think I pretty much did all my Christmas shopping at work last year. And yes, I am at work right now….

    I remember having to sit next to the phone line at home with my dads work laptop so I could use the dial up and go on the internet for no longer than half an hour, otherwise people couldn’t get through! We didn’t have mobiles back then either.

    Just imagine what it must be like for people in their 60’s, everything has changed for them! TV’s, phones, internet, computers, mp3 players…..

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