‘Branded’ Food Stuffs

I finally got paid today, which meant I could go food shopping.  Anytime I go food shopping I always do a ‘big shop’ which lasts me 4/5 weeks.  Any other bits I need I can go to a little mini market thing or something.  Anyway, my point is, today I made a conscious effort to not over spend and just to buy basic stuff – which I did (apart from the crate of 20 x Becks Vier for £12) but I still ended up spending a small fortune. 

I had it in my head to buy supermarket own stuff to save myself some cash but then when I looked at the price difference, there isn’t really THAT much difference between a lot of stuff (10/20p) so I didn’t think it was worth it.  Am I just looking in the wrong places?  I admit that when I go shopping I treat it like an SAS mission – non of this browsing lark.  Just get in, get what you need and get out.

Maybe I’m more snobbish than I thought.  Or I’ve unconsciously convinced myself the branded stuff is better – even though I’ve been telling myself for days I’m buying non branded stuff.  Either way, the lure of advertising as a lot to answer for.  Damn you advertising people. 

You won the fight but you won’t win the war!


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