I’ve reached the point of financial collapse.  So much so I am now using the dregs of food left in my cupboard to try and concoct something to eat.  What I have left:

  • 2 packets of super noodles
  • half a bag of rice
  • 2 tins of sardines
  • 3/4 of a loaf

I don’t get paid until Tuesday so this needs to last me, although I do have ten english pounds in case of emergency (which will probably be used as an emergency drink fund).

In my head I already know what I’m going to eat from this evening onwards:  

  • Noodle sandwiches – I could live off noodles and in particular noodle sandwiches – its the food stuff fit for gods…and me.
  • Sardines on toast
  • Toast
  • Maybe some kind of rice/sardine concoction.

A trip to the shop may be in order to get another loaf and maybe some beans…or more noodles.

I ended up having a Mars bar for my tea (dinner/evening meal/whatever you call it in your part of the world) the other day for the sole reason of saving ‘the good stuff’ left in the cupboard.  Always thinking ahead you see.

I’m going to live like a king I tells ya.  Oh yes I am.


2 thoughts on “Noodles

  1. Well, you’ve got all the ingredients of sardine fried rice. Or a sardine chow mein. Noodle sandwiches I would avoid as you are using two staples in one, which is never wise when you are food-stretching. Delights such as chip sandwiches and roast potato pizzas are best saved for times of plenty.

  2. I have no chips/spuds/pizzas so that’ll be another day when I’m rich. I will probably end up doing some kind of stir fry with the sardines.

    Roast potato pizzas? Surely you can’t put good roasties to waste on a pizza. That sounds more wrong than noodle sandwiches! It’s like cooking a Sunday roast and sticking it on a pizza (ok, it’s not, but still) won’t someone think of the children…

    You can’t deny me my noodle sandwich…you just can’t 😉

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