Cash Machine

No matter what time of day I go the cash point I always get stuck behind someone who seems incapable of drawing out money quickly.

I go the cash machine and just withdraw money.  Simple, yet SAS like in it’s speed and efficiency.

Other people ponder over every button before they push it.  Why?  It’s not going to blow up.  You’d think they were programming a NASA Space Shuttle with their slug like pace and preciseness at the controls.  If there isn’t a snail in front of me, then it’s someone checking 3 different accounts before going back to the first account to withdraw a tenner.  If that was you this morning, then yes, it was me behind you and yes, I was about to strangle you.

If you need more than 10 button presses it should swallow your card and call you a buffoon.


One thought on “Cash Machine

  1. My mum is useless at cash machines. She’s an intelligent woman, but turns into a dribbling mess of incompetence when faced with a machine that requires her to put a card in, type in a four digit number, choose an amount of money, and wait for the good stuff. Crazy.

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