I went the doctors yesterday to get some nasal spray for my hayfever. However I didn’t have time to go and pick up my prescription yesterday, so until I can get to the chemist later, I’ve got to go all day suffering the attacks of grass pollen.

However I’ve been reading on the internet for home remedies for hayfever and the best ways to stop it. The general consensus seems to be that Vaseline (or some kind of oil) up the nose helps, as does eating honey.

So this morning, facing another day at work sneezing my head off, I decided to try and take some action and fight back against the pollen. Not having any Vaseline to hand, I took the idea of ‘some kind of oil’ to line your nose idea off on another tangent and applied little dabs of Extra Virgin Cooking Oil inside my nostrils.

Yes, I know…I’m mental.

You may mock and laugh, but it has actually worked to an extent. I’ve only sneezed a couple of times today

Olive Oil

compared with yesterday’s sneezathon. Coincidence? I think not. Unfortunately I will not be continuing this

experiment after today, but I’m happy in the knowledge it has provided some relief.

The only downside is that the back of my throat tastes of that sickly ‘too much cooking oil has been used on my food’ taste. Urrgghh.


3 thoughts on “Hayfever

  1. Definitely need to give that one a try. Not sure what the effects of also applying vaseline to my eyes will be, but surely worth a shot . .

  2. Yeh I reckon it would help as it will ‘catch’ the pollen before it hits your eyes/nose. Although I’m now using Nasonex Nasal Spray (prescription only) and Lorretadine (sp) tablets (buy them over the counter for about £2) and my hayfever has settled down loads.

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