Footy Stuff

Over the past few years I’ve gradually lost interest in watching football. Only a few years ago I was a season ticket holder and I hadn’t missed a home game for <insert my Premier League team here> for about 10 years. I stopped going partly due to the never ending blanket media coverage it ‘enjoys’ and partly due to the cost of actually being able to go to the match has quadzillioned in the past 5 years.

This weekend the Euro’s started and so far I’ve enjoyed the games. I’m not that patriotic towards the national football team and so I couldn’t give a flying one if England qualified or not. If they play in tournaments I like them to do well – but equally I’m not bothered if they get beat. At least, for this summer at least, we don’t have to put up with…

  • Them stupid tacky flags hanging off car windows
  • The media overload
  • Wives and Girlfriends – I refuse to call them “WAG’s”
  • People who refer to England/team as ‘we’ but have never shown an interest in football before
  • The office bores who pretend to understand football and how ‘we’ played
  • The office bores who complain about the referee’s performance/incident
  • The office bores who go the pub to watch the match because they think it’s what they should do
  • Clapping at the telly
  • “England can win it this year”
  • England hooligans (again) – step forward Germany and Poland fans – it’s not just the england fans after all *shock*

That’s all I can think of for now, anymore for anymore?


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