Window Watcher

I’ve always had a thing about having the light on a night time with the curtains open. This of course means anyone outside can see in. It’s like a real life episode of The Sims if you do this when other houses overlook your own. Nevertheless at the first hint of dusk I shut the curtains/shutters if I’m visable to the outside world.

I had a lapse the other day though and couldn’t be bothered getting off my arse to shut them whilst watching tv. But then I happened to see the lights in a room over the road come on. Although I wasn’t looking in, the blinds in there house cover the window – apart from one gap in the corner which, for some reason, no longer covers the full window (maybe something is blocking it, I don’t know). But then I seen the sillohette of a person looking out through the gap, and more than likely, looking at me. I think they knew I seen them as the hall light went off a few seconds later hiding his/her sillohette. The sneaky blighter thought I wouldn’t know that they would just kill the light to hide the shadow.

I didn’t want a window war, but I looked over towards them purposely this time and raised two fingers at them. Still nothing. To be honest I’d probably do the same, there’s something naughty yet intriguing about harmlessly watching someone. (I don’t mean all out perving!) People watching whilst sitting in a cafe window is a fantastic past time.

Anyway, a minute or so later, the shadow of the person appeared in their doorway again. Then the light went off and I went over and shut the curtains. Our little encounter was over.

What did they get to see? Me, slouching on the couch watching a documentry. Exciting stuff, I doubt they’ll want to see that again. I’m just glad I wasn’t having a wank.


3 thoughts on “Window Watcher

  1. I’m with you on this one, I’ll pull the blinds before I turn on a light, otherwise you appear as if you’re on TV. I have no love for being floodlit while eating my dinner.

    Conversely, I used to live in a high rise flat and would spend many an hour peering in the kitchen windows of the block opposite. It was somewhat reasuring to see that “other people” did things just like me.

  2. I’m the same. I hate the idea that people can look in and see me while I can’t see them in the dark outside. It used to really freak me out when I was at university because in my shared house I had a ground floor room. This made me feel slightly more vulnerable. I live in the loft room of my current house šŸ™‚

    I also have a habit of getting home and hopping straight in the bath or shower, and then if I am just having a relaxing evening on my own, I will just potter about my room without any clothes on – not something I want to share!


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