Angry Taxi Drivers

I don’t have the need to get many taxi’s anywhere nowadays. But when I do I seem to always get the angry taxi driver. The one that has the weight and worries of the world on his shoulders.  In the space of two taxi’s in two days I got subjected to the most angry men in the world.

Taxi One

In the space of a 15 minute journey ‘we discussed’:

  • Him being a familiar face (quite possibly my downfall as this was seemingly the cue to open up conversation). Turns out he was familiar, I used to go to uni with him, but I only remembered where we knew each other from about 5 hours after the cab ride ended.
  • Girls / the summer / nearly crashing
  • My living arrangements / house prices
  • Boris Johnson
  • The Naked Estate Agent
  • ‘Pablo’
  • Boris Johnson / Ken Livingstone
  • Fuel Prices
  • Scallys
  • Plastic Gangsters
  • Not being able to fight anyone unless you had a gun and being fearful of ‘comebacks’

It was like a non stop barrage of noise in which I contributed very little, apart from the occasional ‘yeh’.

Taxi Two

This was quite a different offering. A guy in his fifties, early sixties clearly waiting for the revolution. Some of the highlights included in my 15 minute journey:

  • Churches / Religion / Waco
  • Them millionaire pastors in America
  • David Ike
  • Taxes
  • Fuel Prices
  • Arrogant policemen
  • Police not giving a fuck
  • Shootings
  • Gordon Brown being a knob
  • “Waiting for the day of the uprising”
  • ‘Green Issues’ being bollocks
  • Recycling and governments blaming the people for them fucking up
  • A new world order
  • “I’ll start a revolution; it’ll kick off sooner rather than later. As soon as the imbeciles who lap all this up realise how much we are being fucked over”

He had so much anger and resentment I swear he was very close to putting a fist of rage through the window. Apart from a parting shot of “I’ll join you on your revolution” I offered little in the way of ‘discussion’. Maybe these words will come back to haunt me, although the guy did speak some sense. A lot of it I agreed with…it was just too much to be talking about at 10am on a Sunday morning.

What happened to the simple “What time are you working till?” or “Have you been busy today?” conversations.


One thought on “Angry Taxi Drivers

  1. Come the revolution, Taxi Drivers will be first against the wall in my books. He clearly doesn’t realise the resentment most people have for them and is egging on his own demise.


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