expo_aichi_nagoya_1083629_l The sky was as black as it could be today, although miraculously it didn’t bring the rain that it looked like it would. But I did wonder if doomsday ever became reality, how black would the sky turn?

Would it even turn black? We might get to see a myriad of pretty colours and shapes in the sky, like a kaleidoscope. Giant rainbows with pots of gold at the end of them, just as a teaser before the whole place goes tits up. Or maybe it would just turn all Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds.

More mundane thoughts soon…


One thought on “Doomsday

  1. I’m not a philosophical or spiritual person, so I think Doomsday will be caused by natural or interstellar events and not by human hands. We may do a bit of damage here and there but nothing unrecoverable. ie a;Giant volcanic rupturing of the Earths crust causing massive ash clouds that block out the sun for decades and causing the extiction of most living things.or b; A massive asteroid or comet strike, causing half the planet to instantly vapourise, destroy the atmosphere and cause the death of almost all living things. or c: We wait for the Sun to consume all its nuclear fuel and become a gas giant in about a billion years. That one will be predictable though

    I don’t think any of these things will be predicted by a crazy man with a placard hanging around a city centre somewhere shouting about Doomsday. Although they could conceivably cause funny lights or colours in the sky.

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