After two weeks with a cold – a man cold may I add – I’ve now got conjunctivitis.  If it doesn’t rain it pours.  Or whatever that saying is!

I thought I was beginning to shake off my cold as well.  I’m not one to go down easy as soon as I develop a lickle coughy like some other people.  But I’ve had to finally succumb and now I look like a character out of a zombie movie.  Maybe I should’ve been one of them people who take a few days off when they get a little tickley cough. 

Oh well, I’m giving myself a few days off now anyway.  I think it’s the first time in, literally, 2 years I’ve called in work sick. 

Oh….and daytime telly is shit.


2 thoughts on “Conjunctivitis

  1. Was it “man conjunctivitis”? (aka the wind blowing in your face making your eyes water a teeny smidgen)


    Whatever it was, hope it’s cleared up now!

  2. haha, it was “proper man conjunctivitis” I’ll have you know. I had permanant red eye for a week – but I was a brave little soilder and battled through.

    All cleared up now though thank you 🙂

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