One of my mates wants us to go round to his and play poker tonight.  It’s a little strange as none of our group of mates have ever actually played poker together before.  I don’t even know if we all know how to play.  I can play a bit, I know enough to get me by. 

Since he got with his girlfriend he might as well have emigrated to Mexico and we would’ve seen him more than we have.  Therefore he is missing out of the lads nights out we have when we go and watch the football or when we just go out for a drink.  His going out is him sitting in or having a drink with his family, that’s not our fault, but I think he is trying to fill that ‘lads night’ void and a poker night seems to be something which he has in his head to do just that.  It’s something that we should do.  I’m not convinced myself,  it’s only something which he really wants to do….why?  Because he can’t go out anymore with his ball and chain.

On the other hand maybe it is something we should do more often.  None of us get together as much as we should do since everyone has settled down with girlfriends/kids (apart from the sensible one – me!). 

Anytime I think of a poker night though, I instantly get the opening credits of Rosanne in my head where they are all sitting round that table!!  Hopefully she hasn’t been invited.


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