Lock Jaw

Sometimes when I yawn my jaw locks into place and I am unable to close my mouth.

As far as I can tell this happens because I am opening my mouth wider than I’m supposed to.  It’s really difficult to ‘control’ how wide you yawn though.

We all know there is nothing better than a good wide (hippopotamus imitating) yawn during the day.  It kind of loses it’s appeal when I have to limit my mouth from opening.  That ‘what a great yawn’ feeling doesn’t feel as good when I worry about sitting there with lock jaw trying to fight my mouth from opening as wide as it wants to.

The only problem is that when it happens, the only way I’ve found to fix this is to hit myself in the jaw – not Mike Tyson like – but just enough to unlock it.  Sometimes it needs a bit more persuasion than other times.  Therefore I have to hit my jaw harder than a sane person should be.  I know this probably isn’t the correct way of fixing this – but until I knock myself out it’s what I’m sticking to.

This morning sitting in the car I got some fantastic looks as I sat at the traffic lights hitting myself in the jaw.  It must’ve seemed that road rage had taken on a whole new meaning.


3 thoughts on “Lock Jaw

  1. I also have this problem. My dentist told me to drop my jaw, pull it forward, and gently ease it back into its socket. It’s always worked for me. ^^ Also easing it gently back in instead of popping it back in prevents the bones from eroding.

  2. That made me laugh. And I’m not one of these “thanks for the laugh” internet losers either by the way. Nicely written, very visual.

    I got here by an auto-gen link from this page, no idea how I found that page either… oh yeah, I just googled “why do you clench your jaw when cutting things with scissors?” and made it to that site, and thence hither. Still haven’t found the answer to my question though…

    • Miles
      Thanks for the comment! I seem to get a lot of hits on that post from auto-gen links.

      Sorry I can’t help with clenching your jaw when cutting things with scissors. I’m a ‘stick my tongue out the corner of my mouth when cutting things’ kind of guy!

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