Tags and Categories

I’m becoming a tag whore, I need to sort them out on here.  That tag cloud I’ve got is doing my head in and isn’t making any sense to me let alone anyone else.  I need to start being strict with the tags and categories I’m using and rein them in a bit.  It’s not a difficult concept to grasp – yet I’m struggling!  Ninety percent of the time I’m using the same words as both the tag and category.  There’s not a major problem with this I know, I just don’t like doing it! 

I don’t like people who use a million tags or categories in every post either.  It’s like they just type out the whole post again as their tags.  What’s the point?

Category = A broad grouping of the post topics

Tag = free form words and generally describe your post in more detail

Maybe I just need to be a bit more imaginative in the tags and categories I use.


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