Key fob against the head

I thought everyone knew that by holding a car key fob to your head makes the fob work at longer distances.  It seems not all of us are blessed with this superior knowledge of car key fobs.  Try it, it does work! De Nero - Deer Hunter copy

When I do it I just hold the key at my head – as if you were holding a key shaped gun to your head and you’re about to commit suicide.  In fact, for entertainment purposes you can pretend you are – just to amuse yourself of course.  (If you really want to embrace the role of your new found acting skills you can make it into a full on movie scene like in The Deer Hunter too ).  Then pull the trigger.  Hey presto the fob works from further away.  Holding it under your chin is also a good place to get this working too.

I did find out why this works ages ago but I can’t remember exactly now.  I think it is because the static in your body gives the fob a boost with your body acting as an antenna.  Or something like that anyway.



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