This abbreviation really annoys me. It’s short for Honey which is a whole 2 letters longer than its abbreviated version.

According to Wikipedia (the fountain of all knowledge):

“Honey”, along with variations like “honey bun” and “honeypot” and the abbreviation “hon,” has become a term of endearment in most of the English-speaking world. In some places it is used for loved ones; in others, such as the American South, it is used when addressing casual acquaintances or even strangers.

Personally I don’t get called Honey or Hon or Hun much. I’ve seen it appear on my bouts of Facebook stalking messaging, or in emails and noticing how often it appears.

It doesn’t read as ‘hun’ as if you would say ‘honey’. It reads as you would say the first syllable in ‘hon-our’.

But at the end of the day, is it really that difficult to type an extra two letters? I shouldn’t let things like this irritate me I know but text messaging and mobile phones have a lot to answer for let me tell you!


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