Personally I’ve never been to or used a prostitute in any way shape or form.  I don’t get what the whole attraction is to some people.  Surely the fact that there is a distinct possibility she has slept with a million men before you makes some dent in your head?  Yes I know, contraception blah blah, but still, theres that thing in your head that just says no.  I did see some absolutely gorgeous looking girls in Amsterdam but it’s just not an appealing thing to me.  Not to mention having all your mates in the next bar timing you!

I was discussing this with a friend at the weekend and he was of the same opinion but, like me, knew a few people who had been to lady’s of the night.  It was however more shocking to find out he had an almost identical shocking story to me.

The person who I know (and it is a friend of a friend)  found himself at a loose end one night whilst on holiday.  So he found himself a lady friend to keep him entertained.  A very attractive, slim, mid twenties girl.  He gets back to the room and they begin to get to it, he starts to get really into it, she is gorgeous and he just wants his end away.  So she slips her hand down his pants and begins to choke his chicken.  He feels himself getting more excited and really wanting to sleep with this girl so he is feeling her boobs and whatever.  Next minute he returns the favour and lifts her skirt up and puts his hand inside her knickers. 

Expecting to feel a wet, horny girl he instead found a large, hard cock in his hand. 

Yep, he had got himself a ladyboy.  Now it is at this point I would recoil in absolute horror.  I probably wouldn’t be able to contain my anger either – not our friend though.  Our friend realised he was ‘too far gone’ and too close to climax that he decided to go the distance and let him finish the job.  Not only that but after he had climaxed he returned the favour! 

It is just absolutely horrifying to find yourself in that position.  There is no way on this earth I would do that.  What goes through his head? 

My friends story was similar apart from the wanking bit.  His story involved actual full blown sex.  Now remember, we are talking about a straight guy who just wanted a female prostitute.  But he finds himself accidentally with a male prostitute but half way through carry’s on anyway?  Mentalists. 

If there was little attraction in prostitutes to me in the first place the chances that I could find myself with a ladyboy is even more horrifying.  I’ll stick to the internet on those lonely nights thanks!


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